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The Physics of Mandalorian Jetpacks (Hint: They Aren’t Jetpacks)


May 14, 2023

Let’s say you don’t must fly fairly to this point. What a couple of jet engine? These are the belongings you primarily see on business airliners, however very small jet engines may also be used to make a real-life jetpack.

Identical to rockets, jet engines produce thrust by capturing mass out the again, which is generally simply air. The power comes from combusting jet gasoline, which is analogous to kerosene and is constructed from petroleum. The rise within the momentum of this ejected matter produces a forward-pushing power.

There’s a massive distinction although: The jet engine sucks air in via the entrance of the engine. The oxygen on this air is utilized in a combustion response with the gasoline to supply power that will increase the exiting pace of the air-fuel combination. Which means the jet engine solely wants to hold gasoline, and never oxygen. Nevertheless, this additionally signifies that the jet engine can solely work in an surroundings that has its personal oxygen. It will not work in outer house; it will not work underwater.

Properly, what in regards to the Mandalorian jetpacks—are they jet engines or rocket engines? I’ll say they’re rockets. First, you must convey air in for jet engines to work, and you do not actually see an air consumption on the highest of the jetpack. (Perhaps it is simply tremendous small.) Second, we’ve seen that these jetpacks work underwater, like when Bo-Katan went underwater to avoid wasting Din Djarin within the Dwelling Waters on Mandalore. That guidelines out jet engines.

So, I am declaring these jetpacks to really be rocket packs. However since “jetpacks” sounds cool, we will proceed to make use of the time period, regardless that we all know it is improper.

Rocket Thrust

Let’s make some approximations in case we ever need to truly make a jetpack like we see within the Star Wars universe. We will take a look at scenes in The Mandalorian to see how these flying machines carry out.

The very first thing you will need to do with a jetpack is to only hover above the bottom. I imply, what higher solution to reveal your superiority over different individuals than to only rise above them and stare down as they stand helplessly under you? In any such transfer, you’d have an acceleration of zero meters per second per second. Newton’s second legislation says that the online power is the same as the product of an object’s mass and its acceleration. So, an acceleration of zero means the online power should even be zero.

For a hovering Mandalorian, there could be two forces. There’s the downward-pulling gravitational power that we will calculate because the mass (m) multiplied by the gravitational discipline (g). Then there’s the upward-pushing power from the jetpack (the thrust). So, if we simply estimate the mass and gravitational discipline, that can give us the thrust power wanted for hovering.

The mass looks as if a easy estimation. A typical grownup human would have a mass of about 75 kilograms. In fact, a Mandalorian wears armor and a jetpack. Let’s simply say this different stuff has a mass of 25 kg, for a complete of 100 kg, which is a pleasant quantity.

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