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The Mother of All Myths: Oedipus, The Story of the King of Thebes


Sep 20, 2022

The parable of Oedipus incorporates ethical classes in regards to the risks of tempting destiny. It warns that destiny can’t be neither challenged nor escaped. In doing so, the story is stuffed with intrigue and revelation. Full with blind prophets and lethal riddles, the story of Oedipus’ life just isn’t one to be missed.

Historical Sources of Oedipus’ Delusion

There are plenty of sources from the fifth century BC which inform of Oedipus’ life. On this article, probably the most intensive ones have been mixed to be able to create the clearest image of the parable potential. Nonetheless, you will need to shed some mild on these sources that present the finer particulars as nicely.

In his first Olympian Ode , the Greek poet Pindar (518-438 BC) briefly covers a number of the story. He writes:

“In such a means does Destiny, who retains their nice fortune to be handed from father to son, deliver at one other time some painful reversal along with god-sent prosperity, for the reason that destined son met and killed Laius, and fulfilled the oracle of Pytho, spoken lengthy earlier than. However the sharp-eyed Erinys noticed it, and destroyed his warlike sons via mutual slaughter.” (Olympian One , 35)

AeschylusSeven in opposition to Thebes was a trilogy of performs written in 467 BC, and is suspected to have been probably the most full sources of Oedipus’ later life. The trilogy is made up of Laius, Oedipus and Seven in opposition to Thebes, however solely the final one survives at this time. The latter information the warfare between Oedipus’ two sons Eteocles and Polynices.

One other of probably the most full sources on Oedipus’ life is SophoclesThe Three Theban Performs, one other trilogy of performs written within the 4th century BC. This trilogy is made up of Oedipus Rex , Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone , all of which survive. Nonetheless, relatively than specializing in Oedipus’ life, these performs give attention to the destiny of Thebes throughout his reign.

In Euripides’ account ( Phoenissae), Oedipus’ story is advised from the attitude of his start mom Jocasta. This telling largely follows the identical strains as Seven In opposition to Thebes and Antigone, combining the key plot factors of the 2.

Mixed with different, much less full sources of the parable from Homer, Hesiod, Pindar, Aeschylus, and Euripides can be utilized to create a extra full image of Oedipus’ life.

The Oedipus Delusion

The story begins with King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes, who in the future determined to seek the advice of the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi . The oracle declared that if Laius produced a son, that son would in the end kill him. Laius didn’t heed the oracle’s warning, nevertheless, and the couple quickly gave start to a son.

Regardless of ignoring the warnings, Laius was nonetheless scared of the prophecy coming true. To forestall this, he pierced his son’s ankles and joined them collectively. As soon as this was performed, and the toddler was unable to crawl and ultimately stroll, Laius ready to do away with the kid.

The priestess of the oracle at historical Delphi, Greece, by John Collier ( Public Domain )

The couple handed their toddler son to one of many servants and implored him to cover the newborn out within the mountains the place he would ultimately perish. In some accounts he was forged into the ocean, the place he was ultimately discovered by a fisherman. By some means (accounts range in line with the supply), Oedipus was ultimately saved when he was rescued and brought to a close-by king who had no youngsters of his personal. Within the account the place he was abandoned on a mountain, he was typically saved by a shepherd.

The king was named Polybus, and he dominated over Corinth together with his spouse, Queen Merope. The pair adopted the newborn and named him Oedipus due to his swollen ft.

A Weighty Prophecy

Oedipus then grew up fortunately below the care of Polybus and his spouse, by no means as soon as questioning his true lineage. Ultimately he was motivated to depart residence. The reason for this differs from supply to supply. Some declare he went off to steal horses, others declare that he was insulted by somebody who referred to as him a bastard.

Based on sources that inform the latter story, Oedipus was shaken by the insult and requested Polybus about it. Right here once more, accounts differ. In some, Polybus admitted the circumstances of his start. In others, Oedipus traveled, relatively satirically, to the identical oracle his father had visited and requested the query. On this telling, the oracle warned Oedipus of the prophecy that he would ultimately kill his father. Believing Polybus to be his start father, Oedipus left Corinth, vowing to by no means return for worry the prophecy could also be fulfilled.

The Crossroads of Destiny

On his journey (both again to Corinth from the oracle, or whereas stealing horses, or on his technique to Thebes relying on the account you learn), Oedipus encountered an outdated man. The person was driving a chariot and taking over a lot of the street. Oedipus ordered the outdated man to maneuver apart and permit him to go.

The outdated man refused, and the 2 started to combat. The battle escalated, and Oedipus ultimately killed the person. Unknown to Oedipus, this was not simply any outdated man, however in actual fact his start father, Laius. Oedipus had simply unwittingly fulfilled the prophecy he and his father had been attempting so desperately to keep away from.

None the wiser to what he had simply performed, Oedipus continued his journey. He ultimately discovered himself on the street to Thebes the place he got here throughout a sphinx, a beast that was half lady and half lion. The sphinx said that she advised riddles to passing vacationers, and solely those that answered accurately have been capable of go with their life.

The riddle the sphinx posed to Oedipus was: “ What walks on 4 legs within the morning, two legs at midday and three legs at night time? ” Fortunately Oedipus offered the proper reply – a human being, the passage of day representing the passage of time.

Some sources say that the sphinx turned so indignant with Oedipus for out-witting her that she then killed herself. Others declare that in fixing the riddle, Oedipus vanquished the sphinx. Both means, Oedipus was answerable for ridding Thebes of the sphinx for good, one thing they’d been attempting to do for years.

A Reunion of the Ignorant

When Oedipus ultimately arrived in Thebes, phrase of his journey had obtained out. The individuals of Thebes have been delighted that somebody had lastly destroyed the monstrous sphinx that had been plaguing their roads for therefore lengthy. Clearly, they have been nonetheless unaware that it was additionally Oedipus who had murdered their king!

As a reward, Oedipus was supplied the hand of the just lately widowed Queen Jocasta (sure, his mom), which he accepted. It’s stated that the couple had 4 youngsters, and within the early years of marriage they lived fortunately.

This didn’t final lengthy, nevertheless, and ultimately the land was topic to a devastating plague of infertility. Crops, livestock and other people have been affected. In an try and resolve the problem, Oedipus as soon as once more travelled to the Oracle at Delphi and requested what have to be performed to finish the struggling.

The Oracle replied that to be able to finish the plague, the person who murdered King Laius have to be delivered to justice. Nonetheless unaware that this man was him, Oedipus vowed to see this performed.

Oedipus at Colonus (Thomas Hawk / CC BY NC 2.0)

Oedipus at Colonus (Thomas Hawk / CC BY NC 2.0 )

Vengeance and Revelations

Oedipus then started his seek for the assassin, vowing to see him punished and exiled. In some sources, he enlists the assistance of the blind prophet Tiresias. When he ultimately positioned the prophet, he was unwilling to inform Oedipus the reality as a result of it might imply accusing his king of homicide.

As in different elements of the legend, sources differ as to what occurred subsequent. In some instances, Oedipus was suspicious of the truth that Tiresias wouldn’t inform him, and so started to accuse Tiresias and Creon (his brother-in-law who had been serving to within the ordeal), of being the murderers.

Jocasta, to be able to diffuse the rising pressure, sought to forged doubt on the seer’s means by mentioning that Laius had been warned that he could be killed by his personal son. Nonetheless, he had been killed on the street by what gave the impression to be robbers, so the seer was clearly incorrect. Oedipus then requested for an outline of the king and slowly started to piece collectively what had occurred. Ultimately he realized he had murdered his father.

In different accounts, a message arrived from Corinth which said that the King Polybus had handed away. Believing him to be his true father, Oedipus was below the impression that the prophecy may not be fulfilled, and he was lastly secure. Nonetheless, as a result of his adoptive mom (who he believed to be his start mom) was nonetheless alive, he refused to journey to Corinth for the funeral. With the intention to diffuse the strain, the messenger revealed his true mother and father.

Antigone being captured and arrested for the burial of her brother Polynices (CC BY SA 3.0)

Antigone being captured and arrested for the burial of her brother Polynices ( CC BY SA 3.0 )

Alternate Endings

Based on Sophocles, Oedipus then looked for his start mom, Jocasta, who had hung herself upon realizing she had not solely married her son, but in addition her husband’s assassin. Oedipus then found his spouse and mom’s physique, and was so distraught that he took the pin from one in every of her brooches and blinded himself with it.

Oedipus then proceeded to exile himself, and together with his daughter, Antigone, as his information, traveled the nation. He ultimately made it to Colonus, the place he would later die, and was welcomed by King Theseus of Athens.

Based on Euripides’ performs, nevertheless, Jocasta didn’t kill herself, nor did Oedipus blind himself. As an alternative, Oedipus was blinded by one in every of Laius’ vengeful servants.

In different sources, the blinding doesn’t occur in any respect. It seems to not be included in something written sooner than Aeschylus. Based on Homer, Oedipus even continued to rule Thebes after he realized who his mother and father have been and after his mom hung herself.

Oedipus’s Legacy

Within the accounts the place Oedipus left in self-imposed exile, his two sons Eteocles and Polynices dominated in his place. They agreed to share the dominion between them, every taking a yr to rule, then passing the throne again over to the opposite. Nonetheless, after his first yr, Eteocles felt somewhat too snug on the throne and refused at hand it again over.

Polynices then retaliated by bringing his military to take the throne by drive. Sarcastically, each brothers misplaced their lives within the ensuing battle, and Jocasta’s brother Creon was left to take the throne.

There are various differing sources on the story of Oedipus’ life, and when mixed all of them present an fascinating story. It stays an ethical story which warns of the risks of tempting destiny and making an attempt to avert its course. It’s also demonstrative of how historical myths would morph and alter with time as they have been handed down via generations, every including their very own additions till there stays for us many alternative variations.

High Picture: Oedipus the King of Sophoces theatrical costume Athens Greece. Supply: Susan Vineyard / Adobe Inventory

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